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October 2011 Tobacco Control in the News

Program Urges Smokers Switch to Smokeless Tobacco

October 31, 2011   In the smoker-heavy state of Kentucky, a cancer center is suggesting something that most health experts won’t and the tobacco industry can’t: If you really want to quit, switch to smoke-free tobacco. Read More.

Cigarette Smoking’s Impact Lingers After Quitting

October 31, 2011   Cigarette smoking appears to impair pancreatic duct cell function—even for those who quit—putting all smokers at risk of compromised digestive function regardless of age, gender and alcohol intake, according to the results of a study unveiled today at the American College of Gastroenterology’s (ACG) 76th Annual Scientific meeting in Washington, DC. Read More.

Cigarettes Are Enlisted to Test Ways of Quitting

October 31, 2011   When a truck recently delivered 45,000 cartons of cigarettes to a research company in North Carolina, it was a turning point in the government’s war on smoking. Read More.

Flavored Tobacco Products Targeting Youth

October 26, 2011   Tobacco companies are now targeting kids with a sweet incentive. New candy-flavored tobacco products are hitting the shelves of area convenience stores and 16-year-old Marisa Santoyo-Solorio says it’s catching the attention of her peers. Read More.

Chantix Psychiatric Side Effects Not Seen in FDA Studies

October 26, 2011   Two studies sponsored by the FDA failed to find a link between Pfizer’s smoking cessation drug Chantix and psychiatric problems, such as increased incidents of suicide and violent behavior. Read More.

Tobacco Control Measures Under Industry Assault

October 25, 2011   World Health Organization Director Dr. Margaret Chan drew the line firmly in the sand. “I call on heads of state and heads of government to stand rock-hard against the despicable efforts of the tobacco industry to subvert” the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), Chan told the United Nations last month. “We must stand firm against their open and extremely aggressive tactics.”  Read More.

What to Do When You ‘Just Can’t Quit’

October 25, 2011   First, the good news: The 46 million people (20.6 percent of all adults) who smoke in the U.S. are now outnumbered by former smokers. Read More.

Seductive Cigarette Ads Target Teens

October 24, 2011   Students of Curtis and Tottenville high Schools yesterday encouraged elected officials to take a walk in their shoes to see how easily children and teenagers can be influenced by advertisements for tobacco companies. Read More.

Health Officials Wary of Dissolvable Tobacco

October 24, 2011   Health officials are manning the school ramparts for a fresh tobacco assault they feel sure is about to happen, if it hasn’t started already. Read More.

Warner Applauds U.S. Tobacco Control Efforts

October 21, 2011   Progress made in the field of tobacco control is “probably the greatest public health success story of the past half century,” Kenneth Warner ’68, former dean of the University of Michigan School of Public Health, said in the second annual C. Everett Koop Institute Lecture at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center on Thursday afternoon. Read More.

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